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    Deacon Simon Huntington House 2 Elm AveSimon Huntington 1690, 2 Elm Ave


    Simon Huntington was one of the 35 founders of Norwich. He held the esteemed title of Deacon and was married to Sarah Clark for an impressive fifty-three years. Their eldest son, Simon, became a Deacon, and his 21-year old son tragically died from a timber rattler bite and died in the house. Simon Jr. built the house in 1690 on land deeded to him by his father and operated it as a tavern. It is one of the oldest houses in Norwich. The center section was used as a munitions magazine for town weapons. The building is in the Colonial style, a center chimney plan added to on the right side.


    Curtis Cleveland House 1733, 6 Elm Ave

    This building may have been the Sarah Knight’s warehouse. Curtis Cleveland altered the warehouse or built a new house. Curtis was related to Moses Cleveland, founder of Cleveland, Ohio, and lived in the house until his death in circa 1761. The house may have been transferred to Joseph Peck, who left the property to his widow, Elizabeth

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